Morro Bay Surfboard Art Festival

I am honored to be one of the artists participating this year's Morro Bay Surfboard Festival.  This festival is a month long celebration of the popular surf-culture art form.  Surfboard art for the festival can be a painting that is created using a re-purposed surfboard as the canvas.   Surfboards for the festival will be on display throughout the city of Morro Bay for the month of November 2014.  The community-sponsored event features the works of 25 local artists.  The surfboards will be auctioned on November 29th at Fish Bonez Restaurant from 2 p.m. until 5 p.m.  This is a fundraiser for Project Surf Camp and Morro Bay in Bloom. 


My studio is dedicated to painting.  It's has wonderful light and enough space for me to work on more than one painting at a time.  For a number of years I had a stained glass studio in Southern California.  It was set up for the design and fabrication of stained glass windows.  Along with a team of craftsman who worked for and with me, I designed and built stained glass windows for homes, restaurants, offices, schools, and a variety of public spaces.  When I set up my painting studio I knew that I was going to be working alone.  I had years of experience to draw from in knowing how I wanted my studio to function.  I designed it to be a comfortable space where I could spend hours painting.   As it turned out, my studio is well organized and feels just right for me.

Baxter Moerman

Baxter Moerman Jewelry is located in an historic building in downtown San Luis Obispo.  Owners Matt Baxter and Matt Moerman design and create every piece of jewelry sold in their shop.  Each piece is truly a work of art patiently designed and executed with heirloom quality, intended to be worn and enjoyed for a lifetime.  I have enjoyed having my work featured at Baxter Moerman Jewelry as part of San Luis Obispo's Art After Dark program in both 2013 and 2014.  If you are in San Luis Obispo I recommend that you visit their shop and see first hand the wonderful work they do.